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YES offers a lively, engaging, fun and challenging ESOL course, aimed at ESOL learners in the local community wishing to practice and improve their English fluency and functional ability.

What do our ESOL courses involve?

  • Building confidence in everyday English use.
  • Talking and writing to people in your daily life.
  • Conversation practice and roleplay.
  • Improving your reading and listening.
  • Teamwork with other people on your course.

How is our course different?

Unlike some other types of ESOL courses, YES will progress you through the entry levels, allowing you to improve (and prove) your skills. We can help you progress to General English or even IELTS in the future.

Who can join?

The course is open to total beginners and more experienced English users. We will diagnose your ESOL level before you join, give you an action plan to improve, and work with you to find out your specific needs, hopes, and wishes. We look forward to meeting you!

(Need to prepare for a Trinity or local college examination? Talk to the course manager to find out if ESOL is the best option for you, or if you would be better with a General English or one-to-one course.)

We offer 6 lessons per week (5 hours)
  • Afternoon Classes
  • Tuesday-Thursday
  • £24 per Week


Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about ESOL course or would like further information about our services. As well as emailing us at info@yeschool.uk and calling us on +44 1484 546 842, you can contact us via the contact form.