About Yorkshire English School

Yorkshire English School is a British Council-accredited language school based in the heart of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire English School is a British Council-accredited language school based in the heart of Yorkshire. We provide excellent quality English language tuition, offering General English courses, IELTS courses, ESOL classes, Speaking and Writing Support, and an immersive UK Summer School. With small class sizes, flexible course schedules and qualified teachers, we always put the student experience first. Say yes to YES!

At Yorkshire English School, we recognise the importance of English language education and understand the unique needs of each student. To this end, we limit our reach to a smaller number of students, enabling us to concentrate our efforts on developing each individual to their fullest potential, whilst also nurturing lasting relationships.

Starting from our home, the school is proud to have welcomed students from all over the world and successfully supported them with their English language learning.

We would love to provide you with the perfect learning package for you. Once you enrol onto one of our courses you will also gain access to our close partnerships with some of the best universities in the UK, and our network of associates who are experts in their professional fields and are located across the region. You will be taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about both teaching and the English language.

The high standard of our English language education is evident in all of our courses. Our teachers are reputable professionals and the content of our courses is under constant development.

We encourage networking so that you can connect with other international students – including native English students, and local, national and international organisations alongside taking your classes. These networks and friendships often last for a lifetime.

Our aim is to work with you to improve your English through direct experience with native English speakers. Where requested, we can partner with other organisations in order to provide you with a mentor who can provide one-to-one guidance and support in your specific field. Please browse through our range of courses, and give us a call to find out more about what we offer.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide engaging and high-quality English language teaching and learning experiences.

Our teaching and learning approaches aim to meet the highest possible standards whilst promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding; this is achieved by providing opportunities for students to develop general, practical, and academic English language skills.

We aim to offer our students study opportunities that, as far as possible, consider individual needs and preferences in a safe, friendly and caring environment. We aim to maintain this in ways that promote environmental sustainability.

Our mission statement is reflected in our purpose, values and aims.

We aim to provide our students with high-quality education and encourage independent learning. We will ensure we promote enjoyment, fun and wellbeing whilst also facilitating communicative confidence and competence.

Our values of tolerance, patience and respect help us to maintain a safe, familial atmosphere, where everyone is valued and respected.

We also aim to create a climate where students and staff strive to be their best selves, where achievements and successes are celebrated, and where skills are consistently developed.


Yorkshire English School has been awarded many Certifications and Awards by different organizations.