The Advanced Level on-line TEFL course is aimed at the following groups of professionals:

  • New teachers wishing to engage in continuous professional development (CPD) as per specific employment requirements and/or according to personal career goals.
  • Experienced teachers (who may or may not already possess a TEFL/TESOL certificate/qualification) wishing to formalise their practitioner skills and qualities in one flexible programme, perhaps to seek promotion, in their school/organization.
  • Career-minded professionals seeking to become a TEFL/TESOL teacher in their own, or other, countries. This could be new graduates hoping to teach and travel, or those wishing to teach English as part of a career change or in addition to other employment, domestic, or personal responsibilities. It could equally be relevant for anyone involved in one-to-one tutoring, or some home-stay teaching programmes. 
  • As such, the course is benchmarked, approximately, to the UK’s (Ofqual) QCF level descriptors, at Level 4. (Please note, this does not mean the course is endorsed by Ofqual). Therefore, the course is aimed at individuals able to demonstrate written fluency in English to an equivalent standard to at least Level 3 (e g, A Level).

What does the course offer?

Flexible Delivery Mode/Completion Date:

The course can be taken flexibly, and on-line: via distance learning (teaching and learning materials exchanged using on-line platforms), and via what is known as “blended learning – distance learning plus tutor support sessions conducted on-line or at YES.

Distance Learning: Course Duration: Approximately 100-120 guided learning hours. You can agree your own study plan, in terms of time allocation, and course start and end dates, though we advise that, typically, a learner could complete the course in 8-10 weeks, studying part-time (around 10-15 hours a week), and 4-5 weeks, studying full-time (more than 15 hours a week). Your course tutor will help you decide on what is best for you, bearing in mind your employment and domestic responsibilities. As a distance learning student, you would also be able to email any specific concerns, questions or queries to your course contact (in most cases the course manager), so you do not need to feel totally alone!

Blended Learning: As above. However, signing up for this option enables you to take advantage of up to 4 individually-tailored one-to-one tutorials where you can benefit from discussing assignment briefs, teaching methods, resources, or related matters, with an experienced, native-speaking TEFL/TESOL trainer. These sessions can be conducted on-line or face-to-face, and can be arranged by mutual agreement.

Course Content

Module 1: PREPARING TO TEACH: 40% of total marks available. 

This module contains 3 assignments which are focused around the skills and qualities of effective teaching. It also helps teachers to prepare and evaluate creative resources.

Module 2: LESSON PLANNING: 60% of total marks available. 

The requirements of this module are largely practical. There are 4 lesson plan assignments, each themed around different English skills, such as Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. 


Evaluate how the course has helped you to become a more effective lesson and resource designer; AND design an action plan for future CPD you will carry out (up to 600 words; not assessed). 

What does the price include?

Distance Learning: What you will receive:

  • Course outline/handbook
  • Study plan according to agreed/suggested deadlines
  • Assessment tasks in full/guidance notes
  • Suggested reading/listening (no mandatory course book = no hidden fees)
  • Email contact
  • Individually-numbered certificate of completion
  • Transcript (modules and assignments covered)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Contact details of tutor-trainer, for employers’ verification of completion (if required)

Blended Learning: What you will receive:

  • As above
  • Opportunity to participate in up to four tutorials with your tutor-trainer, at mutually convenient times, using suitable communication platforms.

How you will be assessed: 

Each assignment will be assessed against transparent and objective performance criteria which will be fully shared with you in the course outline/handbook. 

Where performance criteria are not met, a brief explanation will be offered, enabling you to understand what you can do to develop these criteria. 

Exceptional or outstanding attainment will be flagged as such, allowing you and your employer to appreciate your own best practice.


Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our Teacher Training course or would like further information about our services. As well as emailing us at info@yeschool.uk and calling us on +44 1484 546 842, you can contact us via the contact form.