Meet our amazing team!

Murriam Akram


Murriam is our super-friendly and welcoming administrator at YES school. She is always occupied with the day-to-day running of the school- staying on top of emails, helping students with queries and busy with her ongoing to-do lists- all in her calming and professional manner. She is the person to go to if you have any questions.

Abbi Telford


Abbi is another of our lovely Office Administrator’s working at YES School to give staff and students alike a wonderful school environment by staying on top of the day-to-day things it needs. Helping to take care of emails, student enquiries and everything in between, Abbi does her best for YES School’s success and you can always have a chat with her if you need it. Being a student studying Music Performance with The University of Huddersfield in her final year, Abbi understands the student life and is more than happy to share her experiences and tips! In her spare time Abbi enjoys the creative side of life, always drawing/painting, creating music and reading to pass the time. She also enjoys anything fantasy based, walking and playing games with friends!

Tim Catterall

English Academic Manager

As well as being our Academic Manager, Tim also enjoys teaching on a regular basis. Tim is currently a speaking, listening, GESE and ISE examiner for Trinity College London, and facilitates the full range of CEFR levels in different European and Non-European countries. In his free time, he’s a musician and song-writer, producing his own recordings! He also enjoys reading, writing, film-making, walking and travelling.

Gwyn Maher

Gwyn Jane Maher

EFL Teacher

We are very lucky to have Gwyn in our ranks of EFL teachers. Gwyn comes from an academic background. Gwyn has worked in England, France, and South Africa as an educator in different contexts, teaching various English skills, and supporting students’ study, grammatical, and pronunciation skills.

Gwyn has a deep passion for language teaching and learning. We can see this in her goal of developing students’ confidence as well as technical abilities.

Gwyn is also adept in teaching exam preparation, such as that required for IELTS.

Carina Munro

EFL Teacher

Carina is a loyal and caring teacher who has worked with the school for several years. She started teaching English for the “Kirklees Talk English Project”, which helped people in local ethnic communities and refugees.

Carina balances teaching at YES with working for the NHS, though her passion is for teaching English, particularly Grammar. Carina has particular experience of teaching Summer School, which she has found very rewarding. Carina additionally enjoys collaborating with other teachers who have their own unique approaches and teaching experience.

Anna Winn

EFL Teacher

We were delighted to welcome Anna as a member of our team for the start of the academic year. Anna is a History graduate of The University of York and earned her Masters degree from The University of Chicago in 2022. She is a fully qualified EFL teacher and understands the challenges faced by international students. She works to build confidence in students through her flexible approach to teaching and by identifying the needs of individuals within the classroom group.

Victoria Pepworth

EFL Teacher

Victoria is a long-standing and valued member of the team, as she has been part of YES School since it was founded. She is a qualified EFL teacher with plenty of experience at teaching beginners.

Maria Curle

Maria Curle

EFL Teacher

One of our most upbeat tutors, Maria is the newest addition to the YES team. She qualified as an EFL teacher in 2011, has experience teaching both in the UK and abroad, and has now brought her lively teaching methods to our school.

Peter Ackroyd

EFL Teacher / Advisor

Peter was the first YES Teaching Director. Although retired, he still enjoys helping YES out with teaching using the material he developed as part of his EFL Masters research degree. After Durham University and Loughborough, he started as a secondary school Language and Literature teacher in 1972. Then in 1978 he began twenty years of travel with EFL teaching in Germany, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Thailand, Hong-Kong and S. Korea. He has collected Trinity and RSA EFL diplomas as well as a Masters degree from Liverpool University.His recreational travels have been mainly on two wheels: motorcycle touring, including South Korea, north Thailand, the Sahara and Turkey; and cycling up to the Arctic Circle and across Europe. He has a Korean wife, enjoys writing on Quora.com and occasionally still drives coaches.In the 60s and 70s he was a Yorkshire swimming champion, swam for English Universities, and captained the Durham University Modern Pentathlon team.Peter plans to support the forthcoming teacher training programmes at YES.

Denise Fahmy

EFL Teacher

Denise has returned to teaching after a long career working in the Arts.  She lives in Huddersfield and has two children and two dogs. Interestingly, her father is Egyptian, so she appreciates how much of a challenge learning a different language can be! She loves covering classes at Yorkshire English School because, as she says, “it’s friendly and the classes are fun”. Denise is a valued, passionate and professional member of the team.