Ukraine Refugee Appeal

The Ukraine- Russia conflict has constrained education for many, and we aim to actively tackle this.

What we do

All current English classes (intermediate, pre-intermediate and upper-intermediate) of Yorkshire English School (YES) will be offered to Ukrainian refugees and asylum seekers.

This project strives to provide access to high-quality education and psychosocial support for those stuck in conflict.

How you can get involved

Interested parties can partake in the project via registration links – involvement can be achieved under the following capacities:

  • as a student (wanting to learn)
  • as a volunteer (wanting to teach the students online)
  • as a sponsor (wanting to support a student/teacher)

Inquiring students will be provided with access to our online learning platform. All lessons are conducted on Zoom.


  • 50+ students per class 
  • Introduction of Beginner, Elementary and Advanced classes (within 3 months)
  • Charity funding 
  • Collaboration with the Geek Retreat and Language Connection Club

Let us spread the word

You can help us spread the word by sharing the project with your contacts and social media.

You can help with your donations

If you would like to support the project financially, we have partnered with the Time to Help UK, which provides a range of charitable services for migrants (refugees and Asylum Seekers) in the UK through its “Career School” project.

Your donations will help us open new classes.


Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about Ukraine Refugee Appeal or would like further information about our services. As well as emailing us at and calling us on +44 1484 546 842, you can contact us via the contact form.